SynTech at IPQ Seminar “II SEMINÁRIO BPL da OCDE – Temas Atuais em BPL”

SynTech Research Portugal has been invited by Instituto Portugues da Qualidade (IPQ) to participate in  the Seminar “II SEMINÁRIO “BPL da OCDE – Temas Atuais em BPL” which will be held at IPQ facility  in Caparica (Portugal) on December 6th, 2018.

That Seminar offers training, knowledge sharing and a discussion forum on the OCDE GLP topics and is addressed to Managing Directors, study directors, quality assurance staff, trialists or universities. Beatriz Terol, QAU Lead at SynTech, will participate in a round table with other GLP experts to discuss on the actual GLP emerging issues.

Operating in Portugal since 2013, SynTech Research Portugal gained its GLP certificate for the first time in 2014, covering field trials with Plant Protection Products (area 6-residues) and Dislodgeable Foliar Residues (area 9-operator exposure).

Good opportunity for SynTech to share its experience gained over the last 20 years.





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